Redevelopment of space can be simple and complex . You need to develop a special project or sketch for redevelopment areas . Our experts will help you create a project , as well as give advice on the agreement, because the laws and regulations of the Government of the Russian Federation Moscow have enough constraints and various subtleties.

Redevelopment of any residential and non-residential premises , aimed at changing its technical plan and affecting the integrity and safety of building structures should be agreed.

The main regulatory document for the redevelopment of apartments is the Housing Code of the Russian Federation. In its 25th article defines the content of the concepts of reconstruction and redevelopment of premises :

1. Conversion of dwelling is the installation , replacement or transfer of utilities, plumbing , electrical or other equipment that require amendment of the technical passport of the dwelling.

 2 . Redevelopment dwelling is changing its configuration , requiring changes to the technical data sheet dwelling.

  Redevelopment of premises includes himself :

- Dismantling ( full, partial ) non-bearing  walls (excluding walls between apartments);

- Creation openings in non-load bearing partition walls (excluding walls between apartments);

- The creation, liquidation, change in shape of window and door openings in the outer protective structures (walls, roofs) retaining structures separating balconies, loggias of the interior (ie not involving the union interior with loggias and balconies and glazed balconies and conversion loggias bay);

- Glazed loggias and balconies;

- Installation of external hardware (air conditioners, antennas, safety nets, etc.);


The following types of redevelopment in the areas of residential and non-residential type require approval:

- Impaired or modified constructions (especially if the supporting structures will be affected );

- Construction work ( creation and liquidation of the door or window openings , expansion openings , installation, demolition or moving interior walls , etc.);

- Resizing toilets , as well as their separation or combination ;

- Association loggia or balcony with living quarters ;

- Increase or decrease in the living area of the apartment ;

- Change in the area of outbuildings in the office ;

- Change the facade of the building ( the unit of entrance , facing the front elevation , etc.).

  Timing and cost of coordination alterations depend on the complexity of the project ( number of coordinating organizations ) , the area being converted premises destination, the legal status of the owner, the functional purpose of the premises (office, retail , catering , hospital , etc.).

Company "Street Retail Group" offers a full range of services as agreed redevelopment and reconstruction of residential and commercial premises. We have a very wide experience of approvals. We provide competent support at any stage of progress and coordination of repair permits.