Projections for development in 2014

Commercial  real estate, industrial zones and architecture will develop in 2014 in Moscow.

These are the results of the survey " Guild of Managers and Developers" which took place on December 17. The overwhelming number of members of the Guild noted in this survey this trend  as the reorganization of industrial areas. Redevelopment of industrial areas - a great opportunity to implement the mechanism of integrated development, the benefits of which - a unified design concept , as well as private territory and extensive infrastructure .

Following the current trend - new trends quarterly development in Moscow. According to the experts , the new rules quarterly development have a right to exist under one condition - if the rules are adhered to providing citizens with social infrastructure.

Amendments to the Tax Code have caused the most extensive list of consequences of laws. Introduction of a new system of taxation on property value driver will rent for tenants of business centers, shopping areas, etc. They, in turn, will have to move the additional cost of the value of their goods and services.

Sales of premises on the first floor (street retail) will also develop possible expense mostly foreign investors.